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Harry Potter Party Ideas

Boy Themed Ideas Harry Potter Themed Ideas



Who is ready for some real MAGIC? Well if you are ready grab your WANDS and come on in,.... let's take an adventure to this mystic HARRY POTTER Birthday Party shared by the INCREDIBLE talent of Dentelle Manila from Quezon, Philippines on @yourthemeparty



  • Hanging Carrier Owls
  • Banners AND Flags
  • Potion Centerpieces
  • Photo Booth
  • OMG So far my best magic party of the year!!


MESSAGE FROM Dentelle Manila

  • "We hope that this will inspire your followers to create beautiful celebrations, in a way that we also aspire to share the amount of passion that we have for what we do"





TIPS FROM Dentelle Manila 

  1. Unless you are a big Harry Potter fan and you know the details of the story from cover to cover, you will have to put in a little bit of time and effort to do some research. Choosing iconic stories/novel such as Harry Potter for a party theme can surely be a hit if the details are done correctly. Don't be afraid to seek advise from your friends or family who might know the story by heart. They can validate your ideas and might even be able to come up with better suggestions. After all, no one knows better about HarryPotter than real life muggle!

  2.  Once you have done your research, make a list of the things from the story that resonate with you. Create a separate list of the key components that made the biggest impact in the story ( eg. Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Platform 9 ¾, Hogsmeade, etc. ). Depending on the availability of materials and resources in your area, you should be able to identify from that list parts of the story that you can recreate. For each of the area that you will choose to bring to life, pay attention to the details that will put together the look. Take Honeydukes as an example. What are the must-haves in this area that you know will be imperative to include? In our case, our client knew it was highly essential to have Bertie Botts Jelly Beans and Chocolate Frogs. They highlighted on these two and mixed them with other treats that resembled the shelf display cabinets of Honeydukes in the movies, as well as in the books. We mentioned making a different list of the elements that caught your attention or things that must have inspired your creative juices to flow. Once you are set with your ideas and have a clear plan of execution in place, take whatever resonates with you from the story, give it your personal touch and incorporate into the design. Let's take the potion bottles as an example. When we were doing our research, and even back during the time when we were watching the movie franchise, it was striking to us how, in the story, potions were constantly being made. We were fascinated with the idea and knew from the beginning that we wanted to recreate potions. We replicated them according to their exact color, appearance and texture from the movies/books, but we personalized the labels and put the celebrant's name in all of it for a more personal approach. It's important to stay true to the elements of Harry Potter, otherwise, it's blasphemy. But remember, it's still your child's party, so own the concept and make it fun.

  3.  Pick something from the story that is unique which you have not seen anyone else do. In our case, it was most definitely the owls that usually fly in the ceiling of the Hall of Hogwarts.

  4. We know how tempting and overwhelming it can be to take as much details as you can, wanting to execute all of them. But balance is important, which a lot of people do not pay close attention to. Collectively, everything has to still work well together. After all, it's a story you're recreating and you would want for guests to feel as if they are being transported to the world of Harry Potter. Decide on the flow and build the anticipation of your guests when they walk in to your party.

  5. Choose focal points and execute the details flawlessly. You might decide to go big and recreate Hogsmeade, but fail to work on the snow details in the roof the way it should be done. Focus on what you know you can create beautifully. Harry Potter is all about the details, and you will never go wrong recreating a scenery that is well thought of, regardless of the scale in which you might choose to do it.





















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