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Getting a Backdrop Stand - GUIDE


Over the years one of the most frequent questions from our clients are about BACKDROP STANDS. In this post I will answer all your questions and guide you on what to look when investing in your next stand. 

  • A backdrop in your party is the main decor element  
  • A backdrop stand is what holds your party backdrop



  • Backdrop Stand for a one time use: It would be best to go with your budget. 
  • Backdrop Stand for your business: You’ll want to select a heavy duty stand as cheaper stands can break over time with transport.


     What is the best backdrop stand for parties?

    • The best party backdrop for you will depend on your budget range and decorating needs!
    • The best backdrop stands are generally light and portable, yet have a sturdy base and strong crossbar.
    • The ability to adjust height and width is also a plus.
    • The best backdrop stands cost about $125-$250.
    • Heavy Duty, are easy to assemble and durable.


    You can also make a backdrop stand
    • You can make your own backdrop stand using PVC pipe or copper. There are many DIY tutorials online if you google “DIY backdrop stand” on Youtube! Although this method is technically a way to save money, it may involve more time and effort than it’s worth.
    • Backdrop stands are very affordable these days, and even a “cheap” one from Amazon will give you greater stability and a more professional look than a diy PVC substitute.



    Brand: AUREDAY

    Product: Adjustable Photo Backdrop Stand for Parties

    • Includes: 2 tripod stands, 4 crossbars, 2 sandbags, 6 spring clamps, and 1 carrying case. 
    • Size: 8.5ft (w) x 10ft (h) 
    • Multi-use Backdrop Support System Kit
    • Adjustable Photo Booth Stand
    • Portable Backdrop Stand Equipment



    Brand: EMART

    Product: Photo-Video Studio (7x10ft)

    • Includes: Adjustable background stand, support system with carry bag 
    • Size: 7ft (w) x 10ft (h) 
    • Retractable Crossbar
    • Sturdy Tripod Backdrop Stand, with adjustable height (2.6ft/0.8m–7.0ft/2.1m) , the aluminum alloy backdrop stand is durable, and the design of the tripod base ensures it won’t shake when fully extended to its maximum size.
    • Better Effect with Accessories
    • Portable and Compact
    • Multifunctional Application 



    Brand: EMART

    Product: Photo-Video Studio (9.2x10ft)

    • Includes: Heavy Duty background stand, support system with carry bag 
    • Size: 9.2ft (w) x 10ft (h) 
    • Easy to transport
    • Constructed of solid, thick aluminum alloy with a sleek black finish.
    • Kit includes: (4) x 1.1" diameter crossbar, (2) x 110" heavy duty aluminum alloy light stand, (2) x 4.5" heavy duty spring clips, (1) x portable carrying case.


    Brand: HARDFIRBE

    Product: Round Arched Stand (2m / 6.5ft)  

    • Includes: A round stand, two water bags that can support 4kg, a black storage bag, and a pair of gloves for installation.
    • Size: 22.83 x 8.27 x 5.12 inches
    • Durable Material: Assembled from 25mm diameter aluminum tube.
    • Easy to assemble

    Round Stand 



    Brand: Wokceer

    Product: Round Arch Stand (2.4m / 8ft)

    • Sturdy Round Backdrop Stand
    • Size: 8FT/2.4M circle backdrop stand
    • Constructed by 7pcs solid 1.0mm thick square steel pipes, golden painted exterior, rust proof.
    • Circle arch stand comes with balloon ring, dot glue and balloon tape strip, very helpful to build round balloon arch.
    • Easy to Assemble


    *This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link!*



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