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Little Pumpkin Fall Baby Shower

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What an elegant and beautiful "Little Pumpkin Fall BABY SHOWER" shared by Kimberly Anderson from @shabbyshackhome from United States. 

I have to admit something: After seen this adorable celebration, it makes me want ANOTHER BABY!!!!! Oh, oh!! lol, but it's real I LOVE the balance an harmony that you can feel after seen every little detail.

Congratulations for the TWO Special Moms to be ! Wishing you all the best in this new adventure!.



  • I"ll say everything 

PARTY VENDORS, CREDITS & Tips from @shabbyshackhome

  • Cookies - Special Doughccasions
  • Cake - Market Street
  • Pumpkins - Walmart (painted them)
  • Embroidery Hoops - Hobby Lobby and added lamps ear garland on them (also from Hobby Lobby)
  • My sister, Kelli made the cake balls
  • Baby letters are from Hobby Lobby too
  • Animals - Hobby Lobby













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