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Custom Backdrops, Tablecloths; Round, Pedestal & Arch COVERS!
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Reviews & Mentions

SOURCE: Handy and Classy (Photo shared by client).

In the Forest with Pooh Backdrop 

(Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


SOURCE: YourThemeParty Page (Photo shared by client).

Mermaid Rounded Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


Mermaid Rounded Backdrop



SOURCE: Handy and Classy Facebook Page

Monkey Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


SOURCE: Handy and Classy Facebook Page

Spring Fence Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE

SOURCE: Handy and Classy Facebook Page 

CHRISTIANITY Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


SOURCE: Handy and Classy (Facebook Page)

Elephant Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


SOURCE: Your Theme Party Facebook Page (POWER BY: Handy&Classy)


SOURCE: Your Theme Party Facebook Page (Power by: Handy&Classy)



Customized Backdrop (Material: Vinyl) SHOP HERE



Chalk ONE Backdrop (Material: Vinyl) SHOP HERE


Carousel Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


Cloud Backdrop (Material: Microfiber): SHOP HERE



Step & Repeat Backdrop (Material: Microfiber): SHOP HERE



Hot Air Balloon in a Jungle Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


Spring Fence Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE

In pink Backdrop (Material: Microfiber): SHOP HERE



ELEPHANT Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


BOHO Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


 Super Hero Backdrop (Material: Vinyl): SHOP HERE


 Unicorn Backdrop (Material: Microfiber) Shop HERE